A problem with The timer is not fixed in Windows 10?

In other words, the interval that had always had to coincide with the second of real physical time became not a constant, but a variable. As a result, honest registration of acceleration records set in Windows 8 became impossible. And we are not talking about tenth or hundredths of a second — At the five -minute interval, it was possible to fix the discrepancy in 18 seconds, which is monstrously a lot and orders of magnitude exceeds all the permissible limits of the error. Alas, Microsoft either does not know about the problem, or does not consider it important, or simply has not yet managed to develop an update that eliminates the dependence of the RTC course on the BCLK parameter. The same resource conducted tests on the new version of Windows, which has recently become available to simple mortal.

Test results in Windows 10

Test results in Windows 10 (Superpi 1m)

Alas. Having lowered the base frequency of the processor, but by increasing the factor to maintain the resulting frequency, they found that the timer is not working incorrectly in Windows 10. Based on the results of the Superpi 1m test, the discrepancy was a little more than 2.5 %, which is actually for the clock applying for the title «Real time hours», Absolutely unacceptable. Reducing the BCLK parameter by only 2 MHz, from 100 to 98 MHz, led to the fact that Windows 10 system watches began to lag behind the standard by 8 seconds every 9 minutes of real time.

We still do not know whether Microsoft plans to correct this error in the implementation of RTC, but it would be better if it were so, because the inaccuracy of the system timer is fraught with a lot of problems, and not all of them are harmless, as «Fakeing the results of acceleration». Especially if the system is not a toy, but controls the hard or potentially life -threatening equipment. We remind you that Windows 7 is not subject to this problem. And while there is every reason to continue to consider it the best operating system Microsoft. It is not surprising that the popularity of Windows 7 is only growing.



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