A quarter of American workers in the technological field Discrimination subject to discrimination

The National Poll was conducted in the online consolation company Censuswide. Indeed site.COM published such a study for the first time. About 29 % of female respondents said they were experiencing discrimination at work, while among men this number is 21 %. Among those experiencing discrimination 32 % — These are representatives of Asian and other races, 22 % — White -skinned. The nature of discrimination in the study is not disclosed.

«These results should be perceived as an alarming call for the industry, indicating that it is not enough just to strive to hire a variety of talents: culture and views must also be taken into account», — Said Raj Mukherjee, Senior Vice President of Product in Indeed.

Over the past three years, Google, Facebook, Apple and other major technological companies published demographic data on employees and adjusted staff selection strategies.

Mukherji added that companies should include their employees with great zeal in the initiatives to expand diversity, since 57 % of the respondents did not know what actions their companies take to solve this problem. 25 % of respondents do not believe that their company is worried about this problem.


  • Reuters

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