A record of the speed of data transfer by fiber in real conditions is set: 1.4 Tbit/s

Alcatel-Lucent and BT announced to achieve a record data transfer speed in the existing fiber-optic network using equipment «commercial class».

The experiment was carried out on the line laid between the radio -television transmitting BT Tower in Central London and the BT Adastral Park in Suffolka (England). The distance between the transmitter and the information receiver amounted to approximately 410 km.

It is reported that the data transfer speed reached a record 1.4 Tbit/s. Such throughput, for example, is enough for transferring 44 undeniable films in HD-quality in one second.

It is also noted that during the experiment, record spectral efficiency was shown, which was 5.7 bits/s/Hz. This is approximately 43% higher compared to standard fiber -optic networks.

Photo Digitechx.com

Photo Digitechx.com

To achieve such indicators, the researchers have used the flexible network infrastructure FlexGrid to change the intervals between information transmission channels: the standard value of 50 GHz was reduced to 35 GHz. Using seven channels with a bandwidth of 200 Gb/s each allowed to show a result of 1.4 tbit/s.


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