A residential complex of wooden skyscrapers will be built in Stockholm

You will not surprise anyone with wooden ecological houses, especially in Europe. But the Swedish architects went even further and offer to build wooden skyscrapers in Stockholm.

The architectural company Tham & Videgard Arkitekter designed four interconnected high -rise apartment buildings, which will be built of wood. A residential complex with a total area of 24,700 square meters includes 240 apartments and several public institutions, including shops, restaurants and cafes. At home, including window frames, facade of buildings, doors and interior decoration, will be made of solid wood (Swedish pine). And on the roofs they will install solar panels to provide houses with electricity.

Wooden skyscraper

Architects suggest erecting an ecological residential complex in the former port area of Stockholm. If the local municipality gives green light to the project, then the construction of houses will take about four years. But during the implementation of their project, architects will have to face serious problems. For example, they need to solve the problem with a high risk of fire due to the use of wooden structures.

Wooden skyscraper

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