A robot woman will welcome visitors to the department store in Tokyo

Robots in the service of man for several years. And now one of the Android robots will meet visitors to a large Japanese department store.

A human -like robot named Aiko Chihira (Aiko Chihira), developed by Toshiba, “accepted to the service” in the major department store of Mitsukosi in Tokyo. He will welcome visitors to the shopping and entertainment center.

The leadership of the department store hopes that a robot woman will become an effective tool for attracting customers. And an employee of a store named Mio Sakai, who has been working at the reception of the department store for two years, said that even a robot smiles “a little hard and constrained”, she considers it an honor to work next to him.

Robot Aiko Tikhira

The robot is dressed in a traditional bright Japanese kimono and at first glance it is difficult to distinguish from an ordinary woman. Aiko has laid dark hair and silicone skin of a light shade. She knows how to blink and squint her eyes, move her lips and open her mouth when she says.

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