A robot monk appeared in China in a Buddhist church

Buddhist monks of the Middle Kingdom have mastered technologies that opened up the opportunity to create a monk robot. The robot received the name Ksia Er. Its height is 60 cm, it can repeat Buddhist mantras, move and even conduct a dialogue on simple topics.

KSIAN EP is more like a novice monk. His place of residence is the temple of Luntsyuan on the outskirts of Beijing. It belongs to the robots of the animated style, which resembles a touch screen, which he presses to his chest. Ksiye ERA Acts answers to 20 questions about Buddhism and everyday life.

The creator of Ksiyan Era – Master Ksiyan Fan called his creation a “vessel of wisdom”, which is destined to become a link between science and Buddhism.

Robot Mono Ksiyan EP

KSIAN EP has already managed to be famous for performances at several exhibitions of robotics, but in the temple he “preaches” very rarely. According to Reuters, most of the time he “meditates”, standing on his shelf.

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