A robot with artificial intelligence CIMON will soon add to the ISS crew

ISS is a unique platform where astronauts from around the world work at the same time. Soon they will have a new assistant-a 5-kilogram spherical robot from AI, which will be delivered by the DRAGON of Dragon Space X.

The robot’s name is Cimon (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion). This is a joint brainchild of Airbus and IBM, which developed the Watson AI system for the robot. 14 fans are built into Simon, which will provide him with the opportunity to move in zero gravity, microphones and chambers.

It is not entirely clear what CIMON will do. Airbus representatives reported that the robot will fly throughout the ISS at its discretion, participate in the experiments and offer a solution to problems. He also has a screen “face” that can change his expression. According to the developers, over time Cimon will become a real colleague for the ISS crew members.

During his stay at the ISS, the robot will use his AI to study with astronauts. This means that its functionality will gradually expand depending on the tasks solved by crew members. He is trained in understanding human speech, familiar with professional terminology, and, as the Wired Internet publication reports, “has the nature of the logical and sensory introvert”.


Source &#8212 NASA

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