A scanner has been created for checking gels and fluids located in the baggage of air passengers

Strong safety conditions for the transportation of air passengers dictate the need for strict control over their baggage, which is poured into certain limitations of the volume of the transported fluid. Special inconvenience is a check of the contents of small bottles and bottles.

Engineers from Bristol (England) have developed a special Insight100 scanner, with which it is possible to establish the presence of liquids, gels, pastes, shampoos in the luggage of liquids in the luggage. According to the head of the project Kenna Mann, this requires only 5 seconds.

The main tool for the device is a laser beam, which, after reflection from the surface of the substance under study, is subjected to spectral analysis. In case of danger, red light lights up, and if everything is fine, green. The degree of error is minimal – approximately 0.5 %. No less advantage of Insight100 is that it is adapted to almost all types of packaging.

The device is equipped with a base of memory of the results of the analysis, which is constantly updated during operation. Insight100 is currently testing at 65 airports around the world.

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