EVGA officially introduced GeForce GTX 980 K | NGP | N

The fact that the EVGA company is going to present the exclusive flagship model GeForce GTX 980, developed with the participation of the famous overalker Vincido, better known under the nickname K | Ngp | NGP, we have already reported. Now all assumptions have been confirmed — The company really announced such a video card. As previously indicated, this model was developed taking into account all the possible needs of the modern overclock.

First of all, the power subsystem is impressive: only for the GPU power supply is a 14-phase stabilizer, and an additional three-phase video memory nourishes. The entire system is designed for the maximum current of 600 amperes and is connected to the power supply through two eight -pin PCIE connectors and one six -pin. The branded system ACX 2 is responsible for cooling.0+. Despite the obviously overclocking genealogy, it can turn off the fans if the temperature of the graphic processor does not exceed 60 degrees. And the use of direct heat pipe provides higher cooling efficiency.

EVGA GeForce GTX 980 K | Ngp | N is collected on the basis of a 12-layer printed circuit board with thickened metallization, which provides not only reliability of work, but also the best cooling of PCB. Branded backlight allows you to configure using the EVGA PRECISIONX 16 utility. Additionally, the QST system is responsible for reliability — The board has been installed as many as three BIOS chips, access to which is made using a microswitch. If the use of the standard cooling system is not provided, heat removal from power elements of the power system and memory chips guarantees a special MMCP plate+.

Supply of EVGA GeForce GTX 980 K | Ngp | N will begin on February 19, to place a preliminary order will require certificates that the user has any EVGA products already at the disposal. It is better not to even think about the price of an ordinary user — it is $ 750.


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