A shuffling in Google’s management reflects the growing ambitions of the company

Analysts believe that permutations in the leadership of the leading leaders of Google reflect the development of business plans of the Internet company. On Thursday, Google reported unexpected departure from the post of business leader Nikesh Arra, who will become the vice-chairman of the board of directors of SoftBank Corp. One of the Google leaders for sales of Omid Kordestani will come to his place.

Mr. Arra replenished a long series of changes in the top leadership of Google, which occur in the last 16 months. In some cases, this is due to personal causes and new opportunities. In the case of the transition of Aurora in SoftBank, we are talking about raising. But among other senior leaders who left or changed their roles in the company, there are people such as the head of the social initiatives of Google+ Vic Gundotra or Salar Kamangar, who was the Executive Director of YouTube.

Among the new persons who replenished the composition of the top management of Google, you can mention Craig Barrett, responsible for the construction of broadband networks and the development of wireless access to the Internet, as well as Lorraine Tuhill, which leads marketing and recently received the post of senior vice-President.

Analyst BGC Partners Colin Gillis believes that in general, serious rearrangements in the company’s management are due to the desire of Google Executive Director Larry Page (Larry Page) to pour fresh blood in key posts due to new tasks of further growth. «The prospects that they persecute are currently much larger, — The analyst noted. — They did not lay fiber -optic networks 4 years ago. They didn’t have Chromecast».

Google’s main success in recent years — The smartphone market, now the company is trying to develop it in the sector of TVs, smart watches and cars. Andy Rubin, who turned Android into a hit, is now busy creating another potential company growth sector: robotics. At the same time, other initiatives like creating a competitor Facebook — Google social network+ — fade into the background, and the main profit of the company is still brings advertising.


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