A simple watch translation turns the iPhone into “brick”

Yesterday, a message appeared on the Reddit forum about a new discovered error, after which neither a hard reboot helps, nor a transfer to the DFU mode with the firmware update after that. iPhone is simple «freezes» at the stage of the logo show and no longer reacts to anything. The only way is the physical shutdown of the battery, which requires disassembling the case, which means — visit to the service center.

Attention! The following information is given exclusively for familiarization! Do not experiment with a smartphone!

So the essence «Baga» In the following: if you transfer the system time on January 1, 1970, and then restart the device, then it will not work. The problem occurs on the iPhone operating on A7 and new processors (64-bit processors) on all versions of iOS. Old models with 32-bit processors are not subject to problem.

Moreover, some devices are also not subject to the problem. It is assumed that the cause in time zones. Let’s explain — Probably the problem is that in the USA and the Western Hemisphere, time zones are deducted from Greenwich time (UTC). For example, in New York, a time zone (UTC –5), but in Moscow — UTC +3. This means that the variable that is responsible for time can take a negative value, which seems to lead to a malfunction.

According to the participants of the Reddit forum, you can try to wait until the battery is completely discharged, and then turn on the device. Others believe that during this time the variable value will become positive and the problem will leave. However, in some official Apple stores they prefer to change the device for a new.

Note that January 1, 1970 — This is the so-called unix time, accepted for the reference point in the Unix systems and based on them. These are iOS and OS X. This follows the possible «The problem of 2038», .

However, today the problem is available only on iOS.


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