A site has appeared on the network that collects dialogs of iPhone 4s users with an assistant Siri

His conversation with siri (if one can be called unusual and entertaining) can add everyone. So far, the consultant’s answer collection to unexpected questions is not very great, since the iPhone 4s has just appeared on sale, but for now, only successful testers publish chats with Siri, but now you can see that Siri knows at least four different answers to the question «What is the meaning of life?» And he will be able to tell a novice killer where to hide the body.

Voice assistant Siri — One of the most interesting features of the iPhone 4s: he can write a text message by ear, fulfill almost any team regarding a smart gadget, as well as… fully chat with the owner of a smartphone. As you can see, the developers endowed their brainchild with a huge vocabulary and provided for the fact that many users would like to talk to an assistant about life.


  • Pocket-Lint.com

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