A simple peptide nasal spray can become a cure for dementia

British researchers from the University of Sheffield have created a special version of the peptide to counteract the height cells, which cause a common disease of motor neurons and publishing and viting dementia. These diseases are considered the most common causes of dementia and, alas, treatment for them does not exist. However, the discovery of British scientists will help reduce the risk of the disease itself.

The mechanism of these diseases is based on the work of the C90RF72 gene – a repeated RNA mutation that has a SRSF1 celluor vehicle. The latter is very effective: it literally sticks to any cells, which allows the pest to migrate in the body and participate in the production of parasitic proteins. They, in turn, destroy healthy neurons, which causes the development of diseases of the brain and nervous system.

The solution is simply and elegant – the synthetic peptide blocks SRSF1, directly preventing it from performing its functions. “Garbage RNA” loses the ability to spread, which significantly reduces the likelihood of developing diseases. Moreover, in experiments with fruit flies, an improvement in their neurofunctions after using the drug was noted. It can be made in the form of a conventional nasal spray and applied to prevent dementia.

Source &#8212 University of Sheffield

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