Facebook wants to change the image of using the entire Internet using friends’ recommendations

According to Andrew Bozworth, Vice President Facebook on the development of advertising and pages, friends’ recommendations can be useful, for example, in cases where «The city takes place in the city of your favorite group, but you don’t know about it». He considers one of the main problems of modern smartphones that they «Know» Much about our habits and preferences, but still cannot effectively use these «knowledge».

To solve this problem, Facebook Appears, probably the most valuable source of information: the list of your friends. Giving people the opportunity to use social recommendations, the company hopes that its service will be able to change the already rooted process of using the Internet. While people rely on Google when looking for answers to some general questions, Facebook He believes that he can demonstrate the entire power of the knowledge of people whose opinions are appreciated by users to convince them to rely on friends, and not on strangers and algorithmic tools.

If Facebook will be able to change the behavior of the owners of smartphones, this will benefit her to the benefit. The company argues all this by the fact that friends know better, whose coffee is better for you to buy and which concert is better to take tickets. The purpose of the company — work out the process from the beginning to the end. For example, you ask your friends in choosing a good restaurant and get a recommendation on the map. After that, you can immediately book a table directly through the Facebook application. This was achieved due to the fact that now Facebook allows companies to sell products and services through a social network.

It is still unclear whether the advanced Facebook will take root among users The image of the use of recommendations on the social network. It is possible that some companies simply do not want to add to Facebook The opportunity to buy their goods and services, or people simply will not use the recommendations of their friends.


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