“Liquid glass” promises to protect the screen of the smartphone from shocks no worse than armored vehicles

The startup Protectpax has begun fundraising for the launch of the production of the gel of the same name, which can potentially revolutionize the gadgets. According to the developers, this composition protects the screens of any devices as a strong tempered glass.

The gel composition includes titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Penetrating into the smallest cracks in the screens, they strengthen them from the inside. In this case, the glass acquires strength similar to a sapphire or ruby.

Protectpax has a firmness of 9n on the MOOS scale (equal in terms of Corunda or Carbide Tungsten) – exceeding this indicator, for example, a knife blade. The coating from it lasts a year and, among other things, protects gadgets from electromagnetic radiation and improves the operation of sensory screens.

The gel is suitable for any devices, including smartphones, smartphones, glasses, laptops and even TV screens. One packaging Protectpax will cost users $ 40.

Source &#8212 Indiegogo

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