A special piston coating will significantly reduce friction in the engine

The pistons account for up to 17 % of all losses from friction of internal combustion engines. The manufacturer of Federal-Mogul power units announced the creation of two types of new generation coatings that reduce friction by 14 % compared to conventional materials.

Engineers have long been trying to overcome losses during the friction of pistons and pins by optimizing the geometry of the piston clearance and the use of advanced materials of the walls of cylinders and piston skirts. According to representatives of Federal-Mogul, the Ecotough coatings created by them for all types of engines will reduce wear of these parts by 40 %.

The coating consists of a polymer, which includes metal oxide and reinforced microparticles of solid lubricant. The thickness of the layer is only 16 microns, which ultimately reduces friction by 14 %.


Material for diesel engines is called Ecotough-D and is designed for car pistons of all classes. It is also created on the basis of a polymer reinforced with short carbon fibers with graphite additions as a solid lubricant. This reduces the friction of the pistons by 35 % and increases wear resistance by 30 %. The output of coatings on the market is scheduled next year.

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