A spacesuit with autonomous air conditioning will help survive global warming

Enthusiasts from the south of the United States, hot, wet and marshy Louisiana, have developed a prototype of a universal and cheap costume with a climatic system. The invention is as brilliant as contradictory, but most importantly – in terms of costs, such equipment is affordable even to the student. And since the world climate is uncontrollably changing, the sin to leave the idea of gathering dust idle.

A sealed, light spacesuit is equipped with a fastener for connecting a flexible pipe, through which air from a low -power compressor is supplied inside. He also removes the worked out coolant, providing circulation. Compact household air conditioning cools the air before supply, but if the ambient temperature is low, it can warm it up – to choose a user.

For mobility, all equipment is mounted on the chassis of a garden cart, it is not difficult to transport it with the efforts of one person – the consumer himself. The supplied air can also be disinfected, driven through the filters from gases, drain. The last quality turned out to be indispensable when testing a prototype in Louisiana climate oversaturated by moisture in the heat for 45ยบ C.

The spacesuit is at the very least, but allows you to protect a person from an aggressive environment and ensure acceptable working conditions. For greater freedom of action, the length of the hose can be increased significantly, and the equipment control of the equipment is made to remotely.Related articles:How to make a personal air conditioner for your desktop

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