A special diet launches a self -destruction mechanism in cancer cells

Scientists from the University of North Carolina have proven the possibility of healing from cancer using a diet, without the use of medicines or surgical intervention. They learned to provoke ferroptosis – the mechanism of cell death, which is associated with the content of iron in them. It is primarily inherent in cancer cells, such as glioblastoma, mortality from which reaches 100%, while drugs do not exist.

Scientists have found that the activation of ferroptosis occurs with a deficiency in the diet of a living creature of certain amino acids – cysteine and methionine. They made up such a diet for laboratory rodents that excludes the presence of these substances. As a result, the mice observed accelerated death of cancer cells. The experimental ones did not survive, but they lived much longer than individuals with a similar disease that were kept on an ordinary diet.

More importantly, changing the diet changes the susceptibility of cells to chemotherapeutic drugs. In a simplified form, thanks to a diet, less drugs for healing from this ailment are required. Scientists are sure that the combination of diet and treatment will destroy cancer cells in the regime sparing for patients. But this is a matter of the future, experiments in public are just beginning.

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