A strange Romanian monolith disappeared from the vicinity of the Holy Mountain

Journalist Robert Josub from the newspaper Ziar Piatra Neamt, which is published in the Romanian county of NEMC, extremely unflattering responded about fellow citizens who started a joke with a metal pillar. After the resonant events in the American state of Utah, where he was found, and where the mysterious “monolith” later disappeared, he allegedly migrated to Romania. In practice, it turned out that the Romanian prism is a fake.

According to the journalist, when he came to the ruins of the Dacian fortress to make a report on a curiosity, he saw something unintelligible. The Americans at least shone their column and really resembled an alien prism, and the Romanian version clearly left the workshop of a lazy welder. The metal is bad, welded seams are crooked, there is no question of any polishing.

Perhaps the opinion of the media representatives so hurt the authors of the installation that they hastened to get rid of their strange creation. The metallic prism stood only four days and, unlike the American, crowds of people who wanted to take pictures were not observed. Officially, the police of the region of Pyatra-Noyamz is still conducting an investigation, but in fact we can say that the joke did not justify itself.

Source &#8212 Reuters

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