A star was discovered with a rotation speed of 2 million km/h

Astronomers of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) recorded another space object in their asset, possessing certain «the most sung» characteristics. In the Bolshoi Magellan cloud, scientists found a star that rotates at a record high speed: the surface of the luminary is 25 times heavier and 100 thousand. Once brighter than the sun moves at a speed of more than 2 million km/h.

During the study of stars in the nebula of the tarantula, the attention of astronomers attracted an object of 160 thousand. Light years from the ground. VFTS 102 star makes one revolution in 10-12 minutes. Given the fact that its diameter is 4 million km, its visible surface should move at a speed of 500 km/s. This indicator closely brings the heavenly body to a critical meaning, the excess of which will lead to destruction under the influence of centrifugal forces.

In the course of studying the circumstances that could lead to the fact that VFTS 102 rotates so quickly, the astronomers established that, most likely, the star was part of the double star system, the second participant of which exploded Supernova. In favor of confirmation of this guess, the presence of a nearby pulsar and a characteristic gas cloud remaining from the supernova. An increase in the speed of rotation of the luminary could occur as a result of exposure to the gas stream from the companion if the stars were close to each other. Then, as a result of the explosion, the star was thrown to the side, after which she went freely.


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