Festo taught robots to fly: Bionicopter and Smartbird

Festo Engineering from Germany did not re -invent a helicopter, but simply took what nature had already come up with them. The company’s engineers carefully analyzed the movements of birds and dragonflies and on their basis created flying models of robots.

Bionicopter – This is an enlarged version of the dragonfly, which, like its analogue from the animal world can freeze in the air and fly in any direction. However, in addition, Bionicopter can simply soar in the air without making wings. Another flying robot is Smartbird. He imitates the movement of the bird during flight, and he succeeds quite well. And robot management is carried out using an ordinary smartphone – you just need to tilt it in one direction or another.

Flying Dragonfly Festo

Thus, Festo Engineering finally realized the oldest dream of mankind – to fly like a bird. It remains only to hope that over time, these robots do not hire guns with machine guns.



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