A super -economy electric car is able to drive 11,000 km per 1 liter of fuel

The team of students and graduates of the Munich Technical University Tufast Eco was included in the Guinness Book of the Eli14 Electric car created by the Electric Car Electric car.

ELI14 electric car was developed by the team back in 2014 to participate in the Ecological Marathon of Shell. The car even then showed very impressive results of economy. But to get into the Guinness Book of Records, a number of improvements were required.


To increase the engine efficiency, its own control controller was made, the place of installation of the magnet and winding was changed. They were replaced and discs for which bearings with an ultranial friction coefficient were installed.

ELI14 and its creators

During one of the races on the test track provided by AUDI, the team specialists additionally thinly tuned the speed controller and changed the tire pressure. As a result, they managed to achieve efficiency corresponding to a consumption of 0.009 l/100 km, which is equivalent to a run of 10956 km on one liter of 95th gasoline.

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