A system of monitoring the landscape changes has been developed using satellites

The surface of our planet is in constant motion, which sometimes acquires a destructive character. Particularly danger is the subsidence of the soil, rockfalls and landslides. Until recently, monitoring of problem areas was mainly carried out by the aerial photographic method, which, however, has 2 serious disadvantages: it is very expensive and time -consuming.

Specialists of the European Space Agency (ECA) at the head of the Rob Stoem proposed using radar and navigation satellites to monitor such sites. Particular attention will be paid to areas adjacent to roads and railways.

Squeezing the soil in the area of Lake Val-Nelps

At first, on the basis of data obtained from the radar satellite, a map of the problem area of the area is drawn up, after which the information is specified directly on the site itself. Continuous observations make it possible to fix the slightest changes in the surface with an accuracy of a millimeter. Any sudden changes can indicate a serious danger requiring urgent measures.

In the future, within the framework of such studies, it is supposed to combine data from satellites, geological characteristics and weather forecasts. Based on the information received, special risk maps will be created, warning drivers and railway workers about potential dangers that may arise, for example, as a result of landslides after prolonged rains.

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