A terrible robot cherry will save people’s lives

Someday in the future, in the case of a natural cataclysm, which brings terrible destruction, living people locked under the rubble, not specially trained dogs will detect, but specially designed robots. Cars that can pass in the narrowest places and discover the presence of helpless people. One of these machines is the Worm-Bot robot-shed, developed by British scientist Dr. Jordan Boyle (DR. Jordan Boyle).

According to the author, the development was inspired by observing how real round worms move. Unlike many similar developments in which intellectual mechanisms constant constructing a map of the mutual arrangement of the surrounding objects, a robot draw, moving in its unique manner, physically covers the entire space. This method, according to the creator, is much more effective in performing rescue operations. Dr. Boyle is sure that someday his car will go into serial production and begin to bring real benefit to humanity. True, it will be necessary to make this mechanical beast a little prettier, so as not to apply additional psychological injuries to victims.

Materials on the topic:

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