A tablet for the blind will be able to display the context of graphic images (video)

A tablet for the blind will be able to display the context of graphic images (video)

Enjoyable and visually impaired people during the operation of a smartphone or tablet have to resort to voice control, or to outside help, which is not always possible or convenient. Researchers from the University of Michigan, understanding the difficulties of this group of consumers, have developed a special display that is able to generate miniature bubbles filled with liquid or air on its surface to transmit information in the form of a font brief.

Brill displays already exist in the world, but they contain no more than one line for the text. Symbols are formed due to the extension of plastic pins to the display surface using piezoelectric elements or inductance coils. Such devices are very expensive and consume a lot of energy. In the prototype being developed, which works on the principle of microhydrodynamics, Braille’s font is displayed on the entire surface of the display and precisely in the places where the user’s fingers indicate. This will help people with problematic vision not only use content, but also communicate on social networks, more often read, as well as “view” simple pictures. Currently, engineers will continue to work to reduce the thickness of the prototype and create a full -fledged tablet based on this technology worth about $ 1000.

Source: Engadget.com

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