A third of Android users are not averse to switch to iPhone

Loyalty of 41% of Android users, according to UBS Research analysts, raises great doubts. ZDNET network resource with reference to a survey conducted by UBS Research, reports that ordinary android smartphones are not quite satisfied with the platform used. At the same time, 31% of the owners of smartphones on this OS do not mind going to the iPhone, and another 10% are indecisive. The main reason for this state of affairs, experts believe that this is a group of users who at the beginning of the boat for Apple products could not purchase iPhone because of its high cost or binding to the contract. At the same time, UBS Research analysts do not attach much importance to this fact, speaking of the not entirely correct representativeness of the survey (out of 515 surveyed only 51 were Android users).

From other results of the survey, it is interesting that the loyalty of iPhone users remains at a high level of 89%, and among the owners of Nokia and Blackberry there were «Deserter» Trends. So, only 24% of Nokia users of the next smartphone see the apparatus of the same company (in 2010 there were 42%). Accordingly, for BlackBerry, user loyalty decreased from 62% to 33%.



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