A tax collector that punishes the cheaters appeared in The Witcher 3

A meeting with the WalThemor Mitty (WalThemor Mitty) was captured by the user of YouTube under the pseudonym Whatsmygame. The tax collector will accuse Geralt of the sale of cow’s skins in the vicinity of the White Garden, the use of a fraudulent scheme related to the sale of pearls in Novirades, and the assignment of someone else’s property. Volemor will say that the hero’s actions contradict the Civil Code, and will demand to pay a fine of 200 % of the income at Vivaldi Bank. However, as you can verify by the video, avoiding punishment is not difficult: it is enough to answer all the collector questions negatively.

In the first case, we are talking about exploit, which allowed an endless number of times to kill cows in this location and sell their skins (after meditation, animals appeared again). The amount of gold, which could be earned in this way, was limited only to the state of merchants. The second exploit was the possibility of turning shells of mollusks into pearls without any restrictions, then sell them for Florens, and then exchange Florene for crowns at the Novigrad bank. Thus, in less than an hour you could get 100 thousand. crown.

About the existence of these «gap» In the game economy, most gamers also learned from Whatsmygame videos in May. Already in early June, the developers corrected the first of them, adding a monster to the game, which attacks the player when trying to kill cows.

Meanwhile, the artist in the visual effects of CD Projekt Red Jose Teixeira gave an interview to the MCV resource, in which he noted that the popularity of the game continues to surprise the developers. They are especially amazed by a positive reaction «casual gamers». The Witcher 3, as he noted, belongs to the category of projects for the hardcore audience, and the creators did not count on such mass success. «The Witcher 3 proved that players are interested in long games, — He noticed. — […] There is no multiplayer in it, there is no microtransactions, but this did not prevent her from becoming successful».

About how the series will develop further, the artist «has no idea». «If this is the end of the series, then we are satisfied with this — it ended on a high note, and we are ready to move on, — he said. — But, be that as it may, our capabilities are limited only by our imagination. [With this series] you can do anything. It is possible that one day it will return in a completely different form — not games, but something completely different».

A few days earlier, rumors spread that the second addon, Blood and Wine («Blood and wine»), will appear later than the indicated deadlines. The press release received by reporters noted that the addition would not be released in the first quarter, as previously reported, but in the first half of 2016. Thus, its release can take place only in June.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Hearts of Stone was released on October 13 in versions for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The foreign press highly appreciated the addition (rating on Metacritic — 87/100), but some journalists noted a small amount of new content and the uneven pace of the narrative.


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