A terribly loud alarm clock

No matter how much the dream of a person is, someday everyone has such a morning that there is definitely no strength to get out of bed by calling the alarm clock. And others always sleep so tightly that, as they say, you can’t wake them out of the gun. Maybe you should check? Maybe the main problem of today’s alarm clock is a too quiet call?

The creators of the alarm clock called Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock decided to answer this question. This is really a sound bomb that will make anyone jump out of bed and run to go to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Maybe he will wake up even neighbors, because the volume of the signal is 113 dB, this is approximately like a chainsaw or a jack of a hammer. With such an alarm clock, no one will say that I have not heard his call, for this you need to be completely deaf. And probably have strong nerves, because such a roar of consumption can not be worried about anyone. And in addition to the sound signal, this alarm clock still sparkles with red LEDs and vibrates. In the Hammacher Schlemmer online store it is sold for $ 35.


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