A through encryption of calls and chats appeared in Skype

A through encryption of calls and chats appeared in Skype

At the beginning of the year, the developers of the Skype messenger, now owned by the Microsoft Corporation, said they are testing the End-to-to-End Office. The functionality is based on the Signal protocol, produced by Open Whisper Systems. Conservation is now available for all Skype users for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac. That is, both on mobile and on stationary platforms.

To start the encrypted conversation, the user is enough, choosing the desired contact, click on the “Start Personal Conversation” button. His interlocutor will come an appropriate invitation. From this moment until the cessation of communication, all calls and chats of the conversation will be encrypted.

True, encrypted chats in Skype have certain restrictions. For example, only one personal conversation is available to the user at the same time. The history of messages will be available only on the device from which the conversation was started.

Some encryption options were available in Skype before. However, the most reliable format of end-to-end is considered to be the most reliable. After all, if you use it, then only the sender and recipient will be able to read messages. It is worth noting that Skype is not the first messenger supporting end-to-end encryption. Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Imessage also have this option.

Source: Theverge.com

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