A tonometer working from touch has been developed

Engineers of the University of Nihon (Japan) invented a tonometer that measures blood pressure with a simple touch of a finger on the sensor. This means that in order to remove readings from the device, you do not need to put on the cuff, pump up air into it, and then release it and listen to characteristic noises through the stethoscope. The device was demonstrated at the Medica 2012 exhibition in Düsseldorf (Germany).

To measure blood pressure, a person just needs to touch the sensory area on the device, it resembles a regular button. This block has built -in LEDs and photodiods, light is reflected from the surface of the finger, falls on sensors, and the data is quickly analyzed. The developers did not give details regarding the principles of the electronic tonometer, they only mentioned that the technology is based on the phase shift method.

Another prototype, represented by the same team of engineers, is based on the same technology, it acts as an oncology detector of the breast. If there is a tumor, then the color of the fabric in its place is slightly different from the color of the fabrics around. As a result, both areas absorb and reflect the falling light in different ways, and you can make a preliminary diagnosis.


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