A two-wheeled electric car is represented

When talking about electric cars, one person comes to mind something like a sports car on an electric motor, the other imagines something similar to the Toyota Prius hybrid. But it is hardly a two -wheeled vehicle, especially if the wheels are located one after another, and not in parallel. It was this car that Lit Motors showed at the Maker Faire event.

An electric car called C-1 is a kind of motorcycle, however, the presence of a full-fledged cab indicates that the vehicle borrowed some features from cars. The prototype holds the balance by a set of gyroscopes. Thus, the C-1 motor car combines the economy and compact size of the motorcycle, but for this it was not necessary to sacrifice passengers safety, in emergency situations, additional stabilization is ensured.

The developer also listed the main technical characteristics of the motor car. The battery is charged in six hours, its resource is enough for 240 — 350 km. The engine power is enough for acceleration to a speed of 193 km/h. Presumably, a lot has changed since January, Lit Motors confirmed that the serial production of the C-1 model starts in 2014, but the estimated cost has decreased significantly, the motor car will be sold at a price of 12 to 16 thousand US dollars.


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