A unique device for extracting honey from the hive has been created

Beekeeping is perhaps one of the most conservative types of human activity, where the technology of extracting honey from the hive has practically not changed since ancient Egypt. This is a very painstaking, hard work that requires certain skills and caution, because bees can bite.

In general terms, the technology of extraction of honey looks like this. First, the frames with honeycombs are extracted from the hives. In this case, the bees must be driven off with smoke and reassure them. After this, the frames are placed in a special device where the honey is released and cleaned. Australian beekeepers Sedar Andersen and his father Stewart offered a completely new, truly revolutionary technology for obtaining honey.

Flow device

They seemed to hack bee honeycombs with, as you know, the form of the perfect hexagon. Artificial honeycombs created by them can be transformed as they are filled. To do this, insert a special handle into the hole in the top of the hive, turn it, after which one half of the honeycomb is shifted relative to the other vertically and honey in special tubes flows out into the capacity prepared for this.

Sedar and Stewart Andersen

Presumably a unique kit with a set of tubes and designed for six flows will cost $ 600.

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