For XCOM 2, a continuation of the large -scale modification of Long War will be released

At one time, Long War greatly transformed Enemy Unknown. An expanded story campaign, additional classes, voiced dialogs and much more appeared in the game. All this was so impressed by Firaxis and 2k that the authors of the fashion became their partners and did several «official modifications», The scale of which, however, was not comparable to Long War.

There are no details of the second part yet, and besides, it is not a priority project for the studio. On their website, the developers explained what the change in the name is related to, — The fact is that in the future the company plans to create original games, including Terra Invicta — «large -scale strategy about the invasion of aliens».

«Aliens are preparing a fleet to invade Earth and begin to destroy the protective structures of mankind, — The description is said. — The player needs to gather scientists, politicians, military leaders and other people who can unite all the nations of the land for the sake of one goal — Defeat uninvited guests». The fundraising on Kickstarter will begin when the authors will show something to the audience.


  • Gamespot

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