A unique house for true fans of cars is sold in Texas

In the town of Roanoka, which is 20 minutes from Dallas, Texas, a house of 4 hectares, which the neighbors call the “automobile asylum”, is sold in a plot of 4 hectares. It has five bedrooms, five full -fledged and two small bathrooms. The total area of the house is almost 690 square meters. meters. On the territory there is also a guest house and an “open residential veranda” with a fireplace and a built -in wine refrigerator.

As Zillow notes, American online real estate market, 2 ha of 4 is a free area intended for parking, which will surely interest buyers who own several cars.


They will have a spacious garage for 10 cars, automobile elevators, a painting area, a tire -mounted stand and many antique devices for a car service will be at their disposal. There is a recreation area nearby, in the center of which you can dilute a fire, and a small multi -level basin.

Advertising photos indicate that the owner of an expensive real estate is an avid motorist. The walls of the house are hung with old license plates and other car attributes (which, by the way, you can sell to Evau if desired).


There are several old gas stations in the courtyard, the old Chevrolet pickup, converted to something resembling a bar, as well as Alfa Giulia and Cadillac XT5, which, apparently, will not be included in the list of property sold.

House, garage and everything else is estimated at 8 million. dollars, which is quite good for an object built in 2014. For those who are not able to pay immediately, an option with monthly payments in the amount of $ 37,493 is offered.


Source &#8212 Car and Driver

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