A unique microscope allowed scientists to see the movement of light for the first time

Scientists of the Technological Institute Technion managed to explore the light with the help of an ultra -fast translucent electron microscope.

Thanks to the amazing apparatus, they were able to consider the ongoing processes that had previously had to simulate, and even apply microscopy methods to study the movements of photons and electrons.

During previous studies, the microscope was used to study the behavior of atoms or quantum points, but then the possibilities of scientists were limited. In the new experiment, scientists used photon cavities, in fact nanoscopic crystals, where they managed to see freely current and interacting electrons and photons.

Israeli researchers believe that their achievement will help to find a solution to an important task in the field of quantum calculations. It consists in the fact that the cubes that are used to store data in quantum computers are subject to error generation. The new lighting technology will make them much more stable.

Source &#8212 American Technion Society

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