A visit to an abandoned oceanarium unexpectedly turned into a horror show

In 2014, a storm collapsed on the northwestern coast of Spain, during which an incredible tidal wave of 13 m high was recorded. She hit the shore so much that she caused significant damage to a number of buildings, one of which was a local oceanarium. The authors of a terrible video from his ruins intentionally do not specify the rest of the details – penetration into a private territory is an offense.

Mummy of fish

However, the authors themselves regretted that they climbed there, according to the words of one of them, Frenchwoman Jude Urbeks. Due to the fact that the institution has long been abandoned, there are no pools left in it, but it turned out to be full of mummified corpses of sea monsters, which were not able to evacuate in time. More precisely, exotic oceanic creatures, which are in the current state, except for the exhibits for the horror movie and you cannot call.

Broken bankA broken vessel with a decaying octopus

Mummy of fishGiant squid remark

The uninvited guests found both stuffed animals inside and foam models, for example, the figure of a giant squid. But most of them were struck by carcasses of fish, which were once in formalin, and now they are slowly rotting. If the filmmakers wanted to realize the idea of a zombie fish, they would have received excellent visual material.

Source &#8212 Live Science

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