A voice recorder for recording telephone conversations

Unfortunately, not only good and good people live in the world, and the opportunity to record telephone conversations can be very useful. This is far from always necessary in order to convict the interlocutor with something illegal, the recorder will come in handy in the case when you need to record the doctor’s prescriptions or a recipe for a new dish from your favorite mother-in-law. An adequate way to solve this problem is a gadget called Smartphone Call Recorder.

So why is the recording of the conversation on the recorder is such a problem? Everything is very simple, in many countries it is forbidden to do this without notifying the interlocutor, and therefore sound signals are periodically heard during the conversation during the conversation during the conversation. This, let’s say, negatively affects the quality of the recording. The Smartphone Call Recorder recorder looks like a regular telephone, only it does not work on a cellular network, but through Bluetooth, like a regular headset, no extra settings.

The record can be turned on during a conversation or before it starts. In case of possible problems with the law, the manufacturer offers, if necessary, the opportunity before the conversation to play a warning that he will record. The cost of the Smartphone Call Recorder telephone recorder in the Hammacher Schlemmer online store is $ 200.


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