“Liquid” robot transformer from China is able to get anywhere

In China, a unique transformer robot was developed that can quickly move from one physical condition to another. The robot has a solid structure, but under certain conditions it can become liquid. It can be divided into several parts, which, then, can be merged to harden and appear in the original form.

It looks like science fiction, but the researchers themselves say that nature inspired them for this discovery. They noticed that such living creatures as an octopus and sea cucumber can change the rigidity of their tissues. To achieve the same effect in robots, it was necessary to find and modify non -toxic material that would melt at a temperature close to room. Galliy metal was perfect for this purpose. It melts when the temperature reaches only 29.76 degrees.

Magnetoactive particles were introduced into the metal – the resulting material received the ability to respond to a magnetic field. Thanks to the induction at the right moment of the robot, you can heat and change its physical condition. In addition, with the help of magnetic particles, the mobility of robots and the necessary degree of mobility are ensured. Laboratory tests showed the viability of the development – “liquid” robots overcome obstacles and move small objects.

And the most impressive test was the demonstration of the “escape from the cage” of a small humanoid figure, which literally leaked through the bars. Scientists are sure that the technology they have developed will be in demand. The main scenario of its use, scientists believe, will become biomedicine. In addition, “liquid” robots can be indispensable for repair work, complex electrical installation and wherever conditions are constrained or difficult to access.

Source &#8212 Matter

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