ABERRATION Supplement to Ark: Survival Evolved will be released in October On all platforms

According to the company, the effect of additions will deploy in the place, «which has lost its inner atmosphere». The result was a harsh landscape «with many violent underground biomes, consisting of completely new exotic creatures and including new objects that can be obtained».

Players who bought the ARK: Survival Evolved publication called Explorer’s Edition will receive an ABERRATION Supplement for free. The rest will have to pay $ 20 for it. The owners of the above publication will also receive several additional bonuses like a helmet and sword.

Addition, in addition to the new card, will add new creatures available to the game, 50 items and a number of tests. One of them — Nameless hierarchy: the developer describes them as «ruthless, charged with elements of monsters, to protect against which it is required to constantly maintain vigilance».

Aberration will already be the second addition to Ark: Survival Evolved. The first set of content, Scorched Earth, whose action takes place in the desert, was released in September last year.


  • Gamespot

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