ABI: Deliveries of Galaxy Note and other “Plafs” in 2015 reached 208 million pieces

Suddenly high was the demand for the hybrid of the tablet and smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note, equipped with 5.3” touch screen. In just five months from the date of start of sales, according to the manufacturer, more than 5 million pieces of this were sold «ceiling».

According to ABI Research experts, the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note cannot be called random or short -term, and the popularity of devices similar to this «Placon» in the future it will only grow. According to the ABI Research forecast, the volume of supplies «Plafonov» In 2015, he will reach 208 million pieces.

This category of ABI Research analytics includes mobile devices with a diagonal of the touch screen in the range of 4.6”-5.5”. That is, the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone recently received on sale, equipped with 4.8” screen, as well as Samsung Galaxy Nexus (4.65”), HTC ONE X (4.7”) and LG Optimus vu (5.0”) also belong to «Plaphones». Therefore, the forecast ABI Research can hardly be called fantastic.

The main factor in success «Plafonov» ABI Research analysts consider a large screen, which is more convenient for surfing on the Internet, reading books, magazines, as well as navigation than the displays of ordinary smartphones.


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