Academy of ESISTORYS CILINK-a new reality show for lovers of DOTA 2

One of the largest players in the Russian market of electronic online trade — The Silinka Federal Electronic Discounter, together with Intel and Ruhub, announced the launch of the project «Academy of ESISTIST CILINK».

«Academy Citylink» — This is a reality show in which intensive training will take place, qualifying tournaments, during which ordinary Dota 2 lovers will go in a short time from a beginner to a professional.

The whole history of project participants — from arrival in Moscow to the final — will be recorded on video cameras. Spectators will witness intracomial relationships, personal, professional growth and just growing heroes — This is what will become the basis of the reality show.

On October 7 and 8, qualifying tournaments will be held in which the top 8 teams will be determined. Of these, the project experts will choose 4 lead teams, including 5 people. Each team will receive its coach. Famous commentators and stars Dota 2 will perform as mentors — Yaroslav «NS» Kuznetsov, Vitaly «V1lat» Volochai, Victor «Godhunt» Volkov and Dmitry «Lightofheaven» Kupriyanov. Participants in the show will be on the basis of the Academy in Moscow and after a month and a half will fight each other. The winning team will receive a prize in a million rubles and fame in the e-sports community.

In total, 9 episodes of the show are planned, including the online broadcast of the final, which will be released weekly, from late October to the end of December, on the Citylink and YouTube website Ruhub Media. The final tournament will be held on December 21, 2017 in Moscow in Yota Arena, one of the largest sites for e -sports tournaments in Europe.

«There was nothing like this in Russia, so for us this project is very significant. We feel a huge responsibility for its implementation, which we approach with all the thoroughness and seriousness. In our opinion, the participation of Esforce and Ruhub — It is already a guarantee of a high level of e -sports project. We attracted strong production, talented directors and coaches with the name. We are sure that together we will create an incredible in spirit and emotions of the reality show, and most importantly — We will be able to light new stars in the e -sports sky», — said Alexei Tsidilin, project manager «Academy of ESISTIST CILINK».

Applications for participation in qualifying tournaments can be submitted now on the project website: Citilink.Ru/Promo/Academy.

All news «Academy of ESISTORY CITILINK», Series output schedule, information about the semifinals and finale — on social networks Ruhub and, as well as in accounts at the project participants.



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