Accelerator NVIDIA GK104 “Kepler” will receive a 256-bit tire and 2 GB of video memory?

With access to the AMD Radeon HD 7950 28-nm, video cards began to make their way to consumer computers. The time of the exit of competing solutions from the NVIDIA camp, which will be based on the new Kepler architecture, is known much less. There is only one thing clear so far: they will arrive at the arena late.

But what about the expected characteristics of the first Kepler video card? Taiwanese resource Expreview, referring to its own «well -informed sources», indicates that the first NVIDIA accelerator will offer a 256-bit interface, 2 GB of the GDDR5 video memory and energy consumption up to 225 W.

The source suggests that GK104 will be the first to enter the market as an accelerator. If so, then, based on the volume and width of the memory bandwidth, it seems that the map will be difficult to resist the AMD Radeon HD 7970 or even Radeon HD 7950. It is also worth noting that the peak energy consumption of 225 watts also does not amaze the imagination against the background of a competitor.

However, all these are only rumors, but even if they are true, we do not know the most important thing: the computational power of the accelerator and its value. Namely, these parameters will determine his success or failure in the market. As for the Radeon HD 7950, the source claims that the video card will enter the market January 26.



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