According to the latest calculations, Koronavirus took the lives of 15 million people – and losses continue to grow

The pandemic of the Covid-19 retreated (and, rather, made a break), but the world felt the severity of the losses incurred. The disease took the life of a huge number of people. In her last study, WHO tried to evaluate the real number of deaths around the world associated with this disease. The organization’s experts came to the conclusion that at the end of 2021 it came close to 15 million people. At the same time, according to reports received from different states, this indicator amounted to only 5.4 million.

WHO experts came to the conclusion that official data were underestimated, at least three times. The reasons for this lie in the specifics of the disease, and that not all states submitted the correct reports – and some did not provide information at all. In this regard, a more correct assessment of real mortality from coronavirus can be made by the difference between excess mortality and the expected mortality for each of the countries. But in this case, for objective reasons, accuracy leaves much to be desired.

To solve this problem, scientists used probabilistic mathematical models taking into account a lot of factors. Calculations show that in 2020 and 2021, coronavirus caused death for 14,800,000 inhabitants of our planet. This indicator is “stunningly high” and easily surpasses all the flu pandemia that have passed over the past few decades. But this tragic figure may seem optimistic against the background of the conclusions of other research groups. Their mortality assessments from Covid for the period from 2020 to 2022 are year old from 18 to 30 million people.

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