Accounts on the basis of the “hundredth” series of Intel chipsets are ready for release

According to foreign sources, manufacturers of the system boards ended their acquaintance with the new, «hundredth» a series of Intel chipsets and are ready to produce appropriate products. They just wait for the go -ahead from Intel and the announcement of the corresponding processors. Although there are still several months before the arrival of Skylake, we could already see ready -made system boards, for example, asrock production.

As is known, «hundredth» The series will be divided into Q170 and Q150 chipsets for the corporate sector, B150 for business solutions, H110 for budget products and, finally, Z170 and H170 for consumer-class solutions. All of them will support Skylake processors and the LGA 1151 processor connector. New processors are based on a 14-nanometer process and are successors of Boadwell-K.

In the field of release of new desktop processors, Intel demonstrates a delay in the delay, but Skylake promises to be the next main update. Although we know that Skylake-S will have a blocked factor, there is evidence that something new and very interesting will be presented in the family. It is possible that delays in the release of Broadwell-K mean that Intel is preparing to make a leap in the field of processor architecture.



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