According to VIA, the Nano X2 processor is significantly bypassing Intel Atom D525

Taiwanese developer of the X86 processors, VIA currently occupies an insignificant market share and is almost invisible against the background of a giant such as Intel. This, however, does not prevent VIA from developing processors, which in certain conditions may be preferable to competitors’ decisions.

VIA recently published on the official website a technical description of her last Nano X2 processor, comparing it with the 2-core desktop chip Intel Atom. The company hired Scott Gardner from Advantage Engineering LLC, which held a series of tests focused on comparison Via Nano with Atom.

Via Nano X2 @ 1.2 GHz against Intel Atom D525 @ 1.8 GHz
Via nano x2@ 1.2 GHz against Intel Atom D525 @1.8 GHz

As a result (however, quite predictable) the Via Nano X2 processor with a working frequency of 1.2 GHz surpassed Intel Atom D525 @1.8 GHz in the selected set of benchmarks. You can get acquainted with details on the official website of Via.



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