“Angry Birds in Kino 2 “will be released in September 2019

Almost nothing is known about the plot of continuation. Rovio promised to derive the confrontation «Seeing birds and insidious green pigs» to a new level.

«Angry Birds in Cinema» Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly were removed, but the director of the second part will be Turop Van Orman (Thorop Van Orman. He worked on «Amazing misadventures of Flapzhek» And «Adventure time». John Rice will help him (John Rice) («Rick and Morty», «Tsar Mountain»), who participated in the creation of the first part of the cartoon about evil birds and is the director of short -range games from Rovio.

Scenario «Angry Birds in Cinema 2» writes Peter Akkerman, on the track record of which — series «Americans» and cartoon «glacial period». John Cohen (John Cohen) will again perform the producer. The artist Pete Oswald and the artistic director Francesca Natale will also take up the adaptation.

«We are delighted that after a fantastic joint work on the first film, we again unite with Sony Pictures, and I look forward to when the next film is released and I can go on a new journey, — said the Director General of Rovio Katya Levoranta (Kati Levoranta). — ROVIO It is still focused on creating exciting new stories and projects based on our games, and we are looking forward to the return of fans to the world of Angry Birds On the big screen».


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