Google Musiclm neural network will compose music according to a text description

Google opened access to a new service called Musiclm, which is a kind of musical generator. It is positioned as a full -fledged digital composer based on artificial intelligence, who, according to the test description, can compose any melody.

Musiclm, like all popular analogues, is not a full -fledged AI – this is a type of neural network that does not create new content, but selects fragments from existing audio recordings to comply with the request. She has a very good system of recognition of the source data, thanks to which she understands the nuances of user requirements and skillfully varies a variety of musical styles. The problem is that Google turned off the main Musiclm capacities to avoid accusations of copyright violations.

Google’s decision is more than justified, because experienced musicians immediately determine where certain fragments, rhythms, guitar reefs are borrowed from.D. The neural network skillfully selects musical inserts that fit into the overall sound of a generated melody, but at the same time they do not make any sense – like a drum fight combined with a violin. She perfectly imitates the sound of dozens of instruments, musical styles and directions in music, but instead of full -fledged compositions it gives out skilled and almost always meaningless cacophony of sounds, although ordinary people are unlikely to understand this.

At the same time, professional musicians noted that Musiclm easily ignores important instructions if it cannot implement them. The possibilities of the neural network are not endless, and built -in restrictions force it to generate a quick result, and not work for hours to search for the optimal solution. Therefore, Musiclm is unlikely to compete with musicians, but can become

The source of inspiration, thanks to its capabilities to create musical improvisations on any topic.

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