Google patented a laptop with a smartphone compartment

The US Office for Patents and Trade Stamps was issued by Google Patent No. 8,649,821, entitled «Notebook Computer and Cell Phone Assembly» (a set from a laptop and a cell phone).

The search giant offers to equip portable computers with a special compartment in which the smartphone can be inserted. This idea itself is not new — It is enough to recall the Motorola Atrix devices with the Lapdock and ASUS Padfone station. However, the Google patent describes a slightly different purpose of such a ligament.

The fact is that in the case of the mentioned Motorola and ASUS devices, the smartphone plays a role «brain center» For the docking station. Google patented a structure in which both the laptop and the cellular apparatus will be able to function independently of each other. At the same time, after the smartphone was placed in the docking compartment of the portable computer, the latter will gain access to a cellular modem and will be able to exchange data through a mobile network.

The proposed scheme may be justified with a cloud model of work, when the user interacts primarily with web applications and online services. In this case, a relatively low -power laptop will be enough, say, a chromebook that can use the owner’s smartphone placed in the joint compartment to maintain a constant connection with the Internet.

However, nothing has been reported to Google’s plans for the practical implementation of patented development.


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