Google patenting brutal control for cars

On October 3, the website of the US Patent Department published a patent application by Google for a system of brutal driving of a car.

The search giant proposes to track the movements of the driver’s hands and convert certain gestures to commands to control on -board electronics. For example, with a wave of a palm next to the window, the motorist will be able to raise or lower the glass. A similar gesture next to the multimedia system will increase or decrease the volume.

To track the position of the driver’s hands, it is proposed to use a special chamber on the ceiling of a vehicle that allows you to form a map of the depth of space inside the cabin. In addition, the data will be collected using a laser scanner.

Google plans for the use of patented development are not reported. In the future, such a system could be useful in robotic cars with autopilot, which is developed by the search corporation.



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