Google patents an alternative way of blood testing without a needle

Various “smart” watches already know how to determine the frequency of the heartbeat, the amount of necessary load, and even the level of human stress. Soon a number of important parameters &#8212 will be added to this list;Thanks to a new way to determine the composition of blood without a “traditional” fingering finger, patented Google.

The principle of its action is based on the creation of a gas impulse sent through a special barrel, in which there are microparticles. A stream of gas pierces the skin, captures a tiny drop of blood and, under the influence of negative pressure, sucks it into the device.

Google patent

The whole process proceeds absolutely painlessly and does not pose a threat of infection. Google also offers to use technology as a glucometer for diabetics.

In recent years, Google, along with its competitor, Apple actively masters the sphere of wearable medical devices. The company’s assets already have patents on smart-lenses, “cloud” sensors that help patients with diabetes and other medical devices. The main goal of the Internet giant in this direction is to reduce the maximum indication of the state of human health in one device.

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